Senior Fullstack Developer

We search a Fullstack Developer with experience with Laravel. And is willing to learn new technologies.
Our Application use WebRTC to push data to the browser, build Audio connection to a device, live stream of videos from different cameras. At our device we catch the data from the sensors and send them out with Python. We know nobody will have exact this experience with all of this technologies. We expect that you know Laravel very well and Vue.js would be a big plus. All another parts you will learn with us.

Junior Web Application Programmer

We search a passionated, young programmer.
You like to get difficult things solved, learn new technologies and don’t give up before you found a solution. And you know, you will your whole life learn new things. In the best case you learned for yourself programming.

We search for a student that is willing to work and study. Because we think this is the best way to learn.

The company is based in Phuket and it will be needed at the first few years to work at the office. Our customer for this project is a international operating Startup company.

Junior IoT Developer

You love electronic and you build already your own projects. And you search for a chance to get the education and work.

We search for a passionated Maker who like to work at an real project and study at the same time. The start will be a hard time, because you will study and work. But you will learn much more then another students. And when another finish the university and start to search a job. You have already an interesting job.

About Terminus IT and how to apply

Terminus IT is founded 2007 under German management in Phuket. We speak Thai. But you must can read English, because we use the newest technologies, there are not always information in Thai available. We work close with another companies in other countries together.

You have to be willing to stay in Phuket to work and study. Phuket is well known for the Tourism, but it’s also one of the Thailand 4.0 Smart Cities. Phuket have clean air, people from around the world and world class locations to go out. The office is located in a area where mostly Phuket people are living. A few steps away are small restaurants and shops.

Please send us a email and write us why you are interested, where you stay and what had you done already to